Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WORN: What to Wear to an Early Fall Wedding

Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6336_zpsfwbvcsjq.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6332_zpscog4nrqk.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6334_zpsvn8tn4ea.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6330_zpsj2oeg4ew.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6338_zpsduud9ret.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6333_zps9nrjpvm4.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6339_zpsnn05qssu.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6331_zpsejsvdun8.jpg
Orchid Grey September 28, 2016 photo IMG_6335_zpsv5kuj49b.jpg

A few weeks ago, Chris officiated the wedding of two of our very best friends in one of our most favorite places. If you've been reading for awhile, perhaps you recognize the location? It was so nice to not only be back on the North Shore of Massachusetts but to be at the Shipbuilding Museum! In the nearly six years since we left, not much has changed, at least in Essex, which was wonderful. I bought this dress a few months ago in anticipation of the occasion and of wearing it into fall for pretty much any other event. I love the linen fabric coupled with the patterns and summer-meets-fall tones. And with this deceptively roomy fringed bag from Bali ELF, it was the perfect outfit to spend the perfect day celebrating in.

Get the look:
Spell 'Peyote' gown
Bali ELF 'Boho Fall' bag
Vintage rings

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Here & There 9.23

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Happy Friday night! I’m off to explore St. Louis this weekend with ALIVE Magazine - and guess who’s with me? Jen! I’m so excited to be back in the city again after three years, it’s so beautiful and this time around we have a little more downtime to get to know our surroundings a little more. September has shaken out to be one hell of a crazy month, I think I’ve been home for maybe… three full days this month? As much as I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead, I’m anticipating the calm of October a little more (shhh). We’ll (hopefully) be moved into our new place and I just want to decorate and get settled in. What are your plans? 

The perfect vintage suede jacket for fall

Found it: the perfect fall sweater dress (love these options too)

My new favorite oil for skin and cooking (yes, both)

Just bought this sweet handmade gift for a friend's new baby

Yum, this perfect fall cake looks so good

Fun things for your life

How to wake up without an alarm

The new Moorea Seal collection (+book!) is out and it's sooooo pretty!

NASA has a Tumblr... and a new zodiac sign?

"Vive le Feminisme"

The MOMA released its archive of every exhibit since 1929!

What a gorgeous fall dress (this one too!)

The chill fierceness of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

These coasters are so cool!

Have you seen Hillary Clinton's new ad? #ImWithHer

Love this pretty constellation necklace

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WORN: Navy Blue Dress + Flea Market

 photo image_00005_zpsnc4vpn12.jpg
 photo image_00002_zpstqkrssgi.jpg
 photo image_00013_zpshiptrrjo.jpg
 photo image_00004_zpsea3ci5ap.jpg
 photo image_00006_zpsbfrww4ws.jpg
 photo image_00010_zpsslnjrd8m.jpg
 photo image_00004_zpsea3ci5ap.jpg
 photo image_00011_zpsrvl8cbyl.jpg
 photo image_00012_zpss4sjzw9k.jpg
A rare weekend day when Chris and I managed to not only both get up early, but also both get out of the house on time? Unprecedented. But we were determined! Several Sundays ago he didn't have to be into work until later in the afternoon, so we hustled and got ourselves up and out and on our way to the Golden Nugget flea market to browse around. I can't remember the last time we had time to go to a flea market. And a real one at that. Not a vintage/antique fair disguised as a flea market (not knocking them, but sometimes you really just want to dig through some crap... er, treasures). It used to be a ritual of ours back in Massachusetts, almost every Sunday we'd go with a group and then go out for breakfast or to the beach, and ever since moving away we've been on the hunt for the perfect flea market (we found one in Pittsburgh... about a week before we moved). I didn't come home with much on this day, a pin and a pair of earrings, but that wasn't really the point.

Get the look:
Free People dress (on sale!) - more gorgeous wrap dresses here
Birkenstock 'Yara' sandals
Vintage sisal bag - similar woven straw bags
Vintage silver rings

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here & There 9.17

 photo IMG_5803_zpscwtoysce.jpg
I'm taking some much needed time away from most technology and social stuff this week (apart from Instagram, clearly), a sort of summer's last hurrah or just a big welcome into fall or what have you. After how bananas the last few weeks have been, this time was sorely needed. This weekend we're getting together with a big group of friends in real life, something we haven't dine in ages. Can't wait! What do you have planned?

This gorgeous vintage kimono would be perfect to wear around the house (extra glamour!)

My skin is rejoicing! (hint: use this link for 20% off your first order)

One of the best essays on non-motherhood I've read in awhile

The perfect cross-body bags for fall

So in love with Etsy's new campaign!

Being plus in a world of minus

All about these walkable heels (really cute with these jeans and a great pair of sunnies)

What the harvest moon means for you

Ridiculously beautiful handmade wall hangings

An Etsy shop for book-lovers (the Harry Potter pins! Lolita!)

I want every single piece of this collection for fall - the perfect fall wardrobe!

Chris broke our French press this week (3rd time!) I replaced it with this

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of fall booties - love these

How Obama's female staffers ensured their voices were heard and acknowledged - AWESOME

Always excited when Moorea Seal gets new clothing in - how cozy is this sweater?

Obsessed with this constellation calendar

How to fight the worst kinds of workplace sexists

Monday, September 5, 2016

Here & There 9.5

 photo Orchid grey Flowers_zpsjele5zpq.jpg
I'm just coming down from a weekend spent with Budweiser at their annual Made in America festival here in Philly and I. Am. Tired. I'm not sure I've ever been so thankful for a three day weekend! But Rihanna was amazing, FKA Twigs was amazing, and -- not gonna lie -- 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne (Collegrove) was pretty amazing. Even though the weekend is done, September isn't slowing down - we're spending today packing and organizing, getting ready for our move before a bunch of other stuff happening this month. No sleep 'till Brooklyn. Or in our case, no sleep 'till October. Happy Monday!

Jess is having an end of summer sale! I'm in love with this Edwardian top

Hurry! Everything is on sale over on Moorea Seal through tonight -- including my favorite candles, these gorgeous wall hangings and this chic bag

The long lost collaboration between Salvador Dali and Disney

Really digging this shoe shape for fall: This pair and this convertible pair

Love everything about this brand - those dresses!

The conscious style guide

In love with everything from this Etsy shop - esp these earrings (+ 20% off!)

Tearing down purity culture

These would make a great wedding gift

Adding all the jumpsuits to my closet this fall

I want to make something like this for our new place

Beautiful mugs

An awesome Instagram account

Would love to wear this to a fall wedding

Sexy, sexy figs

If loafers and sneakers had a baby

What a gorgeous haircut

Holy crap I want everything in this literary etsy shop

Would you take the unprocrastination challenge? I probably should...

Monday, August 29, 2016

WORN: Surprise Pants & DIY Ballet Flats

 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -5_zpsovftit8r.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -3_zpsslrj4tpr.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -4_zpsdnhwexdk.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -7_zpsxgq4facp.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -1_zpsxclnyztu.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -9_zps6ihfjb1d.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -6_zpstgkjt2ih.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -8_zpsx3gsx06q.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey August 29 2016 -2_zpsmfp1j7d8.jpg

- I love that these black linen culottes from Moorea Seal trick nearly everyone into thinking they're a skirt. What's more fun than surprise pants? Lots of things, but it's still pretty fun to do a karate kick while yelling "THEY'RE PANTS!!!"

- When I first saw these ballet flats pop up in my feed, three things crossed my mind: I love them, there's no way in hell I'm paying $600 for them, and I can make them. And so I did. I already had the flats in my wardrobe (from ThredUp, I feel I should mention), and after a quick trip to M&J Trim for ribbon they were, essentially, mine. For $11. Sure, they're missing the little straps... but I'm working on it. A note for those who want to do the same - I recommend getting two yards for ultimate wrapping possibilities.

- The weather this month has been brutal, but the heat has been great motivation for watching a million YourTube tutorials for braids. I taught myself (liar... a teenage girl on YouTube taught me) how to do these braids at the beginning of the month and they've pretty much been my savior ever since.

Get the look:
Black culottes from Moorea Seal
Thrifted silk tank
Vintage Coach bag with DIY tassels
Repetto ballet flats with DIY ribbon
Free People sunglasses

Edit: As requested here is the link to the hair tutorial that actually worked for me: 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here & There 8.28

 photo IMG_5534_zps75ezninz.jpg
This week was full of big decisions and car trouble, per usual. The bright side being that the mechanic's work won't be as much as expected (I stand by my strategy of always expecting the worst when it comes to car problems - that way you'll either be surprised or prepared... or both) and our big decision has to do with a new apartment with more space in the same building as the one we're currently in. With September on the horizon, life doesn't appear to be slowing down in the least BUT we have some fun trips planned on the horizon. Hope your weekend was a good one!

PS - I'm watching The Get Down right now... so good!

Love this cute leather bag for fall

16 things you never knew about Stranger Things (what happened to Barb?)

Would love to drink coffee from this

An interesting podcast about Organic vs. Conventional food

I bet this candle smells good!

A fresh take on making new friends - what do you think?

This reminds me of Maine

Meet Melody - the newest American Girl doll

Just ordered these simple, chic shoes (this pair is great too!)

Style across America

A dress to wear with everything this fall

Love these prints

How to freeze your summer produce

Those sleeves!

A pretty accessory for fall (when you can finally wear your hair down again)

Made me laugh